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Jāmin • say jaymin
@SayJayminMay 22
It’s teachers like @akirone that can make such a huge positive impact on our youth! Many thanks to you, fam, for he…
Jāmin • say jaymin
@SayJayminMay 21
“Gratitude- a powerful catalyst for happiness” Laid up on my sofa, immobile, with a tweaked back has me appreciatin…
Jāmin • say jaymin
@SayJayminMay 20
“Say It Again feat Nomadic” Out now on all streaming platforms! Link in bio. It’s about a connection so strong it k…
Jāmin • say jaymin
@SayJayminMay 17
A little early summer late afternoon sun Sporting some of my benjamin__shaffer threads while visiting with the fam.…
Jāmin • say jaymin
@SayJayminMay 15
Video for my song “Do You Remember? Feat Carol C” now out on YouTube! Link in bio.
Jāmin • say jaymin
@SayJayminMay 11
Just posted a photo @ Jackson Heights, New York